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Dialogue through the Heart

Dialogue through the Heart

In my journey of dialogue with other religions, I have embodied the insight that dialogue entails listening but I could only understand deeply by using my heart.

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Interreligious Prayer Service, Lahore, Pakistan

Interreligious Prayer Service, Lahore, Pakistan

The National Commission for Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenism (NCIDE) a project the of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan (CBCP) organized an Interreligious prayer gathering here at Lahore. The prayer gathering which was attended by the leaders of different religions including Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs was headed by His Grace Sebastian Francis Shaw OFM, the Archbishop of Lahore and chairman of NCIDE.

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Celebrating Diwali in Pakistan

Celebrating Diwali in Pakistan

Diwali, is the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated each year during October or November, depending on the cycles of the moon. Diwali symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”.

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