What is Interreligious Dialogue

Interreligious dialogue is a meeting of people of differing religions, in an atmosphere of freedom and openness, in order to listen to the other, to try to understand that person’s religion, and hopefully to seek possibilities of collaboration.  It is hoped that the other partner will reciprocate, because dialogue should be marked by a two-way and not a one-way movement.  Reciprocity is in the nature of dialogue.  There is give and take.  Dialogue implies both receptivity and active communication.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, Meeting Other Believers (1997), 5.

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  • Interfaith Youth Speak Up – Fasting

    Interfaith Youth Speak Up – Fasting

    Fr Pat Colgan, Fiji

    Reflections by Fijian youth from various churches and religions on the meaning and practice of fasting. The event was organised by the Columban Interfaith Ministry Desk, Fiji.

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  • Tu B’Shvat – Jewish Feast – New Year of the Trees

    Tu B’Shvat – Jewish Feast – New Year of the Trees

    Celebrated at Dalgan Park, Ireland

    This year Dalgan Park hosted an interfaith celebration of the festival. About 50 from each of the seven faith communities that make up membership of the Dublin Interfaith Forum came along to plant trees and to enjoy the traditional feast of fruit and nuts that is part of the festival.

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  • Kaulotu


    Fiji Newsletter

    The third Kaulotu for 2019 centres on Inter-Religious Dialogue 

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