Social Issues

Believers from different religions share the same planet. We live, work and play side-by-side in cities and towns and villages. We enjoy the same sunshine, rain and fruits of the earth.  We suffer the same drought, storm and flood. We have the similar hopes and desires for ourselves and our children.  We face the same conflicts, social issues, problems and injustices. Believers and all people of good will are more effective in responding to these challenges and opportunities when we do so together.

Our religions provide common values which unite us in love and service to God, world and neighbour. Our religions also proffer different sensitivities which enrich and deepen our shared responsibility for transforming our world and society in accord with God’s holy purposes. Interreligious dialogue harnesses this spiritual energy for shared commitment to:

  • working for peace with justice
  • prophetic challenge to injustice
  • fostering social harmony
  • promoting mutual respect
  • achieving gender equality
  • cultivating ecological conversion
  • acting on climate change