Statement on COP21

Statement on COP21

Columban General Council, 11/11/2015

The Columban General Council has released a statement today to join with the many other voices around the world calling for just and binding agreements at the UN climate change negotiations in December when governments meet in Paris. We encourage you to share/publish widely the statement: Columban Missionaries Call for Just and Binding Agreements at the UN COP21 in Paris

In preparing for COP21, there is much happening already on the ground in Columban Regions and Mission Units (RMU) and we celebrate and congratulate all the advocacy and education efforts.

Below is an update from the Global Catholic Climate Movement with opportunities for prayer and participation.  The General Council and RMU JPIC team members have endorsed the GCCM petition.  We invite you to add your name if you haven’t already!

Dear World Leaders