People of all faiths face climate change with hope, action, urgency

People of all faiths face climate change with hope, action, urgency

Justin Catanoso, MONGABY, 13 June 2017

Two years after Pope Francis launched Laudato Si’, the Vatican’s plea to save the earth, Trump rejected its tenets and the Paris Agreement. But people of all faiths are unified globally to beat climate change.

  • Pope Francis gave Trump a copy of his encyclical on global environmental protection during the president’s visit to Europe in May. A week later Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • While the majority of U.S. Catholics voted for Trump, and polled less favorably toward the pope after publication of Laudato Si’, his bold plea to save the earth continues to energize leaders of all faiths.
  • Examples abound:
    • In May, 55 “emerging faith leaders” from 17 countries met in Brazil to identify realistic renewable energy and sustainability projects for their nations.
    • Also in May, nine large Catholic organizations from around the globe announced divestment from coal, oil and gas stocks.
    • Hindu spiritual leaders are urging the jettisoning of coal for alternative energy, and reducing pollution around temples.
    • Morocco committed to converting 15,000 mosques to renewable energy by 2019.
    • Jordan spiritual leaders have committed to going solar.

Change could be faster, many agree, but it is ongoing.

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