Interfaith Events in Santiago, Chile

Interfaith Events in Santiago, Chile

Columbans taking the lead in fostering interreligious understanding

The members of the Columban Mission Centre in Santiago, Chile, are pivotal members, and often host, the monthly meetings of the IRD group of religions in that city.

Their focus now is on planning for the upcoming annual International Day of Peace (21 Sept 2017).

The pdf file below contains:

  • “A Declaration for Peace”
  • “History of the International Day of Peace” and the
  • “Prayer for Peace” used in 2016.

PDF (all in Spanish): cartilla jornada de oración comunidades católicas 2016

There is also attached a video clip of the Santiago event in 2015. It is great to see that in this predominantly Catholic nation, Columban missionaries are taking such an interest and lead in promoting interreligious dialogue.