What is Interreligious Dialogue

Interreligious dialogue is a meeting of people of differing religions, in an atmosphere of freedom and openness, in order to listen to the other, to try to understand that person’s religion, and hopefully to seek possibilities of collaboration.  It is hoped that the other partner will reciprocate, because dialogue should be marked by a two-way and not a one-way movement.  Reciprocity is in the nature of dialogue.  There is give and take.  Dialogue implies both receptivity and active communication.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, Meeting Other Believers (1997), 5.

Latest News

  • Interfaith Peace March in Kachin State, Myanmar

    Interfaith Peace March in Kachin State, Myanmar

    Christians and Buddhists Together for Peace

    Despite the reintroduction of democracy last year, the Burmese Military, over whom the governing party has constitutionally no control, continues to wage its often violent offensive in a number of ethnic-majority States in Myanmar, such as Kachin. Ordinary people, risking their own security, decided to take to the streets today, encouraged and led by both Christian and Buddhist representatives.

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  • Declaration of Human Rights by the Worlds’ Religions

    Declaration of Human Rights by the Worlds’ Religions

    3rd Global Conference on World’s Religions, Montreal, Canada 15/09/16

    Leading religious scholars representing the major world religions have issued a declaration saying it is imperative that religions be a “positive resource for human rights”. 

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  • Danger and Dialogue

    Danger and Dialogue

    American Catholic Opinion and Public Portrayals of Islam

    This report aims to shed light on American Catholic discourse about Islam, and to provide a first-time look into the views and opinions American Catholics have about Islam and its followers.

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  • “There Are No ‘Muslim’ Terrorists”

    “There Are No ‘Muslim’ Terrorists”

    Dalai Lama

    “Any person who wants to indulge in violence is no longer a genuine Buddhist or genuine Muslim, because it is a Muslim teaching that once you are involved in bloodshed, actually you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam.”

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  • Dialogue at the Vatican

    Dialogue at the Vatican

    Columban Collaboration with the PCID

    This is an article from September 2016’s Australian Far East magazine, describing the work of the Columban Procurator General, Fr Robert McCulloch.

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  • Dialogue in Dublin

    Dialogue in Dublin

    Columban Centre, Store Street.

    The new Columban Centre in inner City, Store Street, Dublin is leading the way in IRD, ecological and community activities for the rapidly changing demographic of the city. 

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  • Growing Beyond Majority/Minority to Become Brothers in Humanity

    Growing Beyond Majority/Minority to Become Brothers in Humanity

    Louie Ybanez, Columban student, Philippines

    Whether one belongs to the minority or the majority does not matter. What is most needed is our constant openness to engage with people from other faiths, to find the good in them and to appreciate our difference, rather than to let it divide us. 

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  • Integration: A Primary Necessity

    Integration: A Primary Necessity

    Fr Bobby Gilmore, Navan, Ireland

    Throwing people together in harsh conditions and hoping that good relations will result is not a policy. But an abandonment of one.…

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