Let’s Talk 2017: Practical Pointers for Inter Faith Dialogue

Let’s Talk 2017: Practical Pointers for Inter Faith Dialogue

Inter Faith Network for the UK

Let’s Talk: Practical Pointers for Inter Faith Dialogue

Interfaith Network for the UK

A booklet offering some short reflections and examples drawn from the work of Inter Faith Network and its member bodies, with the aim of inspiring and encouraging further discussion and engagement.

A booklet containing practical pointers for dialogue.  This handy interfaith toolkit is full of useful resources and provides a bird’s eye view of interfaith activity in the United Kingdom. Themes touched on include why dialogue?, dialogue practicalities, dialogue on difficult issues, dialogue over food, limits to dialogue and bi-lateral, tri-lateral & multi-lateral dialogue. Here is the link;  https://www.interfaith.org.uk/uploads/LetsTalk2017web.pdf

To see a more detailed introduction and to download the booklet from the website see:  https://www.interfaith.org.uk/resources/lets-talk-practical-pointers-for-inter-faith-dialogue. 

For the pdf see:  Interfaith Network UK, Lets Talk 2017

This booklet was published in 2017. ISBN number 1 902906 69 1.