Interreligious Action for Peace

Interreligious Action for Peace

Studies in Christian-Muslim Cooperation

Bamat, Tom, Nell Bolton, Myla Legure, and Atalia Omer. Interreligious Action for Peace: Studies in Muslim-Christian Cooperation.  Baltimore, MD: Catholic Relief Services, 2017.

This publication presents case studies on interreligious action, highlighting specific approaches and tools that CRS staff members created and the networks they helped forge. They address shortcomings as well as successes and delineate lessons garnered from everyday experience. They also point to the many challenges on the horizon, such as finding ways to better employ religious resources in the pursuit of peace; linking community-level attitudinal and behavioral changes to broader social and religious transformation; effectively addressing personal traumas and prejudices; and fostering women’s and young people’s leadership in and through their religious communities.

Table of Contents

Foreword – J. Andreas Hipple, GHR Foundation

Introduction – Tom Bamat, Nell Bolton and Myla Leguro

Interreligious Action as a Driver for Social Cohesion and Development – Atalia Omer

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Choosing Peace Together (CPT) – Nell Bolton and Edita Čolo Zahirović

Building Capacities for Peace across Africa – Shamsia Ramadhan

Central African Republic (CAR): Platforms for Social Cohesion – Jean Baptiste Talla

Coastal Kenya: United for Children’s Rights – Grace Ndugu

Mindanao: Binding, Bonding and Bridging – Myla Leguro and the A3B Project Team

Upper Egypt: Action for Interreligious Tolerance – Roger Fahmy and Malaka Refai

Afterword – Nell Bolton


PDF:  Interreligious Action for Peace: Studies in Christian-Muslim Cooperation