Interfaith Peace March in Kachin State, Myanmar

Interfaith Peace March in Kachin State, Myanmar

Christians and Buddhists Together for Peace

The March passes beside St Columban's Cathedral, Myitkyina, Myanmar
The March passes beside St Columban’s Cathedral, Myitkyina, Myanmar

Despite the reintroduction of democracy last year and the current Peace Talks going on at Panglong, near the Thai border, between the Central government and ethnic groups, the Burmese Military, over whom the governing party has constitutionally no control, continues to wage its often  violent offensive in a number of ethnic-majority States in Myanmar, such as Kachin. Ordinary people, risking their own security, decided to take to the streets today, encouraged and led by both  Christian and Buddhist representatives.

Columban Missionaries have had a long association with the peoples of this part of Myanmar, and have supported the humanitarian needs of the tens of thousands of refugees displaced since the breakdown of the government/KIA ceasefire in 2011.

Buddhist and Christian leaders on the Peace March

  Religious Leaders Together for Peace

We received the following report a couple of hours ago from Myanmar:

“Today (6th October 2016)  in Myitkyina, near to 30,000 people are marching for peace and against the severe active offensive attack of the Burmese military against  Kachin ethnic armed groups. Yesterday, it was not safe enough to conduct the march, so people  demonstrated inside the Manau cultural park. We have also  learned that the main Myitkyina-Banmaw road has been  blocked by the military to civil society groups and other NGOs who  are rendering humanitarian aid to internally displaced people (IDPs). This is really the worst nightmare for our  IDPs. Please do remember us in your prayers”.

Fr  Bosco Ah Seng, Diocesan Curia, Myitkyina.